NORSOK STANDARD M-501 Swivel Flange A694 F65 Deep-sea Working Condition Anti-corrosion Coating

NORSOK STANDARD M-501 Swivel Flange A694 F65 Deep-sea Working Condition Anti-corrosion Coating
1、 Preface
NORSOK STANDARD M-501 is a Norwegian petroleum industry standard used to regulate the selection, evaluation, specification, and implementation of coating systems for offshore and marine applications. This standard is an important component of the Norwegian petroleum industry and serves as the foundation and guide for anti-corrosion spraying in deep-sea conditions using rotating flanges.
The NORSOK STANDARD M-501 standard covers the selection, evaluation, specification, and implementation of standardized coating systems, and combines the special needs of the marine environment to design efficient anti-corrosion coatings and spraying processes that can withstand the marine environment. It can be widely used in various offshore platforms, offshore drilling platforms, offshore wind power equipment, and other fields to ensure coating protection performance and extend the service life of equipment under deep-sea conditions.
This article will introduce the anti-corrosion coating related content of NORSOK STANDARD M-501 Swivel Flange A694 F65 in deep-sea working conditions, as well as the solution of ENFI Pipeline Equipment Cangzhou Co., Ltd.

Swivel Flange A694 F65
2、 Product Introduction
Swivel Flange is a hydraulic system with three flange connections, which can be used to connect field supervisors, logging tools, downstream equipment, etc., while ensuring versatility, reliability, and durability. For deep-sea conditions, spraying anti-corrosion coatings is a very important aspect.
A694 F65 is a high-strength low alloy steel, divided into two grades according to ASTM standards: A694 F65 and A694 F65N. It is a high-quality material used for special processing and manufacturing of high-strength accessories.
The NORSOK STANDARD M-501 rotary flange A694 F65 produced by Enfei Pipeline Equipment Cangzhou Co., Ltd. is coated with anti-corrosion spray coating for deep-sea working conditions. It adopts internationally advanced emulsion polymers and organic silicon modified epoxy coatings, and undergoes chemical treatment on the surface to effectively improve anti-corrosion performance. It can resist seawater erosion, ion weathering, aging and temperature changes caused by ultraviolet radiation in deep-sea environments.
The coating has the characteristics of self-leveling coating, high wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance, high grease resistance, and good moisture resistance, which can effectively extend the service life of equipment and reduce the cost of using protective equipment. At the same time, in order to ensure the quality of the spray coating, the company has added high-end equipment such as CNC machine tools and automatic spray machines during the production process to ensure stable quality and meet the different needs of customers.

Swivel Flange A694 F65
3、 Anticorrosion spraying process
1. Surface treatment
The quality of the coating is directly affected by surface treatment. Surface treatment includes the removal of scratches, grease, oxides, and other harmful materials from the steel surface. This step typically involves steel particle spraying equipment to remove surface impurities and increase surface roughness.
2. Primer
Primer is used to provide enhanced substrate protection in the next layer of coating, such as blocking metal and preventing further cracking of the coating. The primer should be selected from materials with good rust prevention and film forming properties, such as epoxy products, epoxy acrylic products, organic zinc paint, etc.
3. Intermediate coating
The intermediate coating is mainly used for one-time coating protection of devices and equipment. The main function of the intermediate coating is to prevent oxidation and rust, and has good corrosion resistance. Common coating materials include epoxy acrylic acid, epoxy products, phenolic resin, etc.

Swivel Flange A694 F65
4. Weathering layer
The main purpose of the weather resistant layer is to protect the coating from adverse weather conditions such as ultraviolet radiation. You can choose polyurethane, polyurea, silane, sol gel, self-healing polyurethane and other weather resistant materials.
4、 Conclusion
NORSOK STANDARD M-501 Swivel Flange A694 F65 deep sea anti-corrosion coating technology is widely used in marine engineering equipment. This article mainly introduces the relevant content of this technology and the solution of ENFI Pipeline Equipment Cangzhou Co., Ltd., aiming to improve the durability and safety of customer products.
In practical applications, the control of steel surface treatment and coating quality is crucial. It is necessary to strictly comply with relevant standards and requirements, select appropriate coating materials and processes according to different working environments and sensor requirements, to ensure the reliability and stability of protective effects, and improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of coating and spraying processes.


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